Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Exercises for the Soul

In case you haven't already guessed, I am using the first four principles of the gospel as indicated in the fourth Article of Faith for topics in these FHE lessons. Today the lesson will be on Baptism. There are two baptisms in our family this year, Jack Manwaring and Reese Kern. So they have been on my mind. There are also several grandchildren that have already taken this important step.
Start by displaying a picture of Christ baptized by John the baptist. Ask what important things does this picture suggest that we need to know. (It is so important that even Jesus was baptized. It is done be immersion [explain if necessary]. etc.)
Ask: What is a covenant? (An agreement or promise between two persons that each will do certain things).
Who are the persons involved in the baptism covenant?
What do you promise when you are baptized? (Read Mosiah 18:10)
What does Heavenly Father promise? (Read D&C 33:11, D&C 20:37 and 3Nephi 11:33.)
Why do you think our Heavenly Father has asked us to make a sacred covenant or promise to obey his commandments when we are baptized? (Because he loves us, he wants us to be happy, and he wants us to be with him in the kingdom of heaven.)

My sister,Stephanie, was baptized in Sinkut Creek by our house in Canada. My dad found a place that was surrounded by trees and was deep enough for her to be baptized by immersion. On the day she was to be baptized, we all walked down a trail to the place and my father baptized my sister. There were others there too, the full time missionaries, and others they had invited including Granny Hobsen, a nonmember who lived in town. Afterward we had a big dinner at our house for all in attendance. Even though it was different than a baptism at a stake center, it had all the important elements that Heavenly Father wants at a baptism. She was baptized by immersion by my father who had the proper priesthood authority with the approval of the mission president.

Suggested Songs: Any if the Baptism Songs from the Primary Children Sing songbook

Persons of the week Jack Manwaring and Reese Kern who are planning to be baptized soon.

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