Sunday, July 11, 2010

Exercise For The Soul - The Holy Ghost

One of the most important things a parent can teach their children is how to hear and listen to the Holy Ghost. It truly is a great gift and important for our return to Heavenly Father. It can offer comfort, direction and safety.

There are many times in my life and the life of my children when the Holy Ghost was an influence. It is important to keep the commandments of God so the Holy Ghost can influence us and to listen and obey so that we don't become "past feelling".(See Book of Mormon)

Define: A testimony is a knowledge of the reality of God,the Eternal Father and His Son, Jesus Christ. This testimony can only come by revelation through the Holy Ghost. You cannot get it from your parents, brothers, sisters or friends.

Ask: What can we do to gain a testimony?

Bring out the following points:

1. The first step in gaining a testimony is to want one. (See 1 Nephi 2:16).

2. We must ask our Heavenly Father to help us gain a testimony (see D&C 42:51).

3. We must want a testimony enough that we are willing to work for it. (see Ether 12:6).

4. We will enjoy our testimony as we study and grow and increase in the knowledge of the truth. (see John 8:32).

5. We must care for our most prized posession, our testimony, by keeping the commandments of our Heavenly Father (see Mosiah 2:41, Alma 32:41).

Gaining a testimony sometimes takes a long time and requires diligence in attending church, listening attentively, living the Gospel principles taught at church, studying the scriptures, fasting and praying in faith that you will gain a testimony through the Holy Ghost. (see Alma 5:45-47)
Alma told his people that the word of God was like a seed that needs caring for every day so it will grow. (see Alma 32: 28-43) Our testimony of Heavenly Father is like that seed. We must care for it every day. If we neglect it, and do not nourish it, it will not bear fruit.

If desired, help the family plant some fast growing seeds and watch them grow.

True story: When Grandma and Grandpa lived in Finland we had the missionaries to dinner every week. In addition we had a strong impression that we should invite the missionaries over for Thanksgiving Dinner. Thanksgiving is not celebrated in Finland but I made a pumpkin pie other traditional "Thanksgiving foods". A turkey was not available so we had three chickens. Ralph went to look for the missionaries who were not home and found them in town. We were so glad we had invited them. One missionary was brand new and was related to William Bradford of the original Pilgrims. Thanksgiving had always been a big celebration in his family. He even brought genealogy charts that showed his ancesestors. Then we knew why we had been impressed to invite them.
Suggested Hymns: "I Know That My Redeemer Lives" ( Hymn No. 95) or "I Know My Father Lives" (Sing With Me B-39)

Person of the Week: Ben Kern who called me from a slumber party when he was just a boy because he had a bad feeling there.

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