Sunday, December 21, 2008

The Gift I Didn' Give

Everyone is busy with Christmas. Thanks to Ralph for doing all the legwork and more for our Christmas. I had to write a short piece on "Meaningful Gifts" for our ward newsletter. It got me thinking about this experience.

The first Christmas after Josie, my daughter, was married, she told me that her husband, Blake, told her they didn't have enough money to buy a Christmas tree. She said, "That's o.k. I found a little table-top artificial tree for only $1.00.
We had made plans to take them to see the ballet "Swan Lake". Josie thoroughly enjoyed it and Blake endured it, politely.
I had thought of taking them a Christmas tree but took them a Poinsettia instead. I love Christmas and spend time every year looking for the perfect Christmas tree. When we walked into their apartment, I saw the pathetic $1.00 plastic Christmas tree sitting in their living room. On it was one ornament, the most exquisite red heart I had ever seen. Josie explained that they had decided to buy one new ornament every Christmas. I had a flood of good memories from Christmases when Ralph and I were first married and had more love than money. I was so glad I had not brought a Christmas tree.