Thursday, September 18, 2008

I have been going through my box of personal history the last few days and I have remembered many things. A couple of interesting items: I found some flyers that I had made up when I was running for student body office at Ricks College. The simple picture was drawn by either Del or Leon Parson, whichever one is about my age. He most recently did the artwork for the murals in the Rexburg and Twin Falls Temples. He didn't sign my picture so you will just have to take my word for it. As I remember, he was not a close acquaintance of mine and just jotted something out quickly while standing in the Manwaring Center (student union building).

The other interesting thing I noted were the kinds of things I had in my journal. (Really just a Calendar on which I wrote short daily happenings as well as my daily schedule.) I noticed that I was busy with the same kinds of things that my childen are involved in now - church callings in Primary, planting a garden, family vacations and activities, running with friends early in the morning or late at night when the kids were in bed, assignments from my husband. I even wrote down menus for supper. Life really is a series of stages. I just haven't given much thought to this stage of my life.

Ralph is finished with his first draft of his "Homes of the Prophets' project. He has it turned in to the Dean of his department (as required by the conditions of the sabbatical he took last semester). He has also sent a copy to Deseret Book so we will see what comes of that. Whatever happens, he has personally benefitted greatly from the study and research he has done. Now we're back to the "usual" and preparing for snow and winter-time.

Save your calendars - you'll be glad you did!

Monday, September 15, 2008

I guess it is time to post again. I enjoyed reading everybody's BLOG. Reading about the Utah/Utah State game made me remember that first game too. We were such "football neophytes" that we went to the game wearing regular clothes (probably brown). It crossed my mind that we should wear something red to show which team we supported but then I thought no, that is so "high school." We felt very uncomfortable sitting in our brown clothes in the red section. For the next game I bought a red Utah vest to wear to the game. It just goes to show you what "football illiterates" we are. We have been learning ever since. Thanks Jay, for patiently tolerating our ignorance. We enjoy being Utah fans!
Next weekend I think all the girls are coming (Blake might come too) and going on a hike into the southwest corner of Yellowstone Park. When they make their goal, Denanda Falls, there will be a natural hot tub to soak in. All the kids are staying at the cabin with me and Ralph's niece, a BYUI student, is coming to help babysit. I have been thinking of some "grandma projects" to keep them busy. I think it will be a fun time if they can avoid the mosquitos and the rutting elk. I'll give a report in the next post.

Friday, September 5, 2008

I was reading the Church News this week and saw that William K Mendenhall, Declo Stake President, from the Twin Falls area had recentky died of cancer. He was featured because he was in charge of the Cultural celebration connected to the dedication of the Twin Falls, ID temple. He was the same age as I was nd from the picture shown, looked like a Bill Mendenhalll I had served with as Student Body Officer of Ricks College about 30 years ago. It brought back many memories and made me think I am getting to the age that I might find my friends in the obituaries. I have come to appreciate the Plan of Salvation recently and have an assurance that this life is only act II of III acts.