Saturday, August 15, 2009


A quick update:
We are headed back up to the cabin after spending this week in Rexburg. Dad has finished building a paint booth in his shop. He is planning to paint the MG green and paint some detail on the model As. At the cabin he moved the plathouse from in front of our cabin to Paul's property by Hungry Bear Market so he can use it for a tack shed. Grandma is fixing up Grandpa's old log tack shed for a playhouse. I think everybody is happy. Dad still has a lot of work to do on the water tank and well in front of our cabin. Grandma Kern is dealing with this first year after Gr andpa's loss the best she can.
All of our kids are busy with family life. Sara and Josie were both involved in Girl's Camp and now everyone's getting ready for a new school year. Josie and Blake are moving to Michigan on August 24. I think even Dad will be glad to start school after his many summer projects. Happy Fall!