Monday, June 16, 2008

Father's Day

I noticed that everyone did a Father's day blog and I am feeling remiss. We celebrated Father's Day early this year when Ralph set up two pinecone themed lamps at the cabin. Ralph especially enjoyed working in the flowerbed with his daughters. It also made him very happy when Kennedy, his grandaughter, said while he was swinging her in the tree swing, "This backyard is just like a pretty park!"
For Sunday dinner yesterday he got to choose whatever he wanted, even if it was nothing, so we had fish sticks and french fries. To prove it was Father's Day we had no salad, just cookies for dessert that the girl's had bought at the grocery store the day before. Then Ralph and I sat on the porch and enjoyed our beautiful backyard.
This morning he is at the Dr. to try to get some relief for a knee that has been giving him some problems. We are going up to the cabin and will probably stay there until after the reunion or about the 4th of July. Ralph needs some ubintterupted time for his projects. I think I will leave my computer in Rexburg so it will be awhile before I BLOG again. Happy Summer to everyone!

Father's Day


Saturday, June 14, 2008

Spring Snow

We went to the cabin in Island Park again this weekend. Ralph wanted to do a bunch of varnishing. We have a lot of woodwork and it looks beautiful now, even though with Ralph's penchant for projects, I'm sure he'll never say it is finished. It snowed every day we were up there. It covered the green grass and Glacier Lilys then melted every day only to do the same thing the ext day. While we were there Howard and business associate brought us over dinner twice. It was nice to share with them and DELICIOUS!
We came back to Rexburg for the weekend because Sara and Emily ran in the Teton Dam Marathon Their husbands ran too so Kennedy,Ralph, Buster the dog, and I went a block from our house to cheer them on. This afternoon has been beautiful, even if windy and we have spent an enjoyable afternoon in the back yard. Even if nothing else works very well, my ears still do so I have enjoyed being on the porch swing listening to the activity.

Monday, June 2, 2008

The cabin - again

We went up to the cabin again this weekend. There were glacier lillies everywhere and hardly any snow. Ralph picked two yellow frittilary and a glacier lilly from the field behind our cabin and put them in one of the tiny vases for our table. He also brought up two matching pots for our front step which is finally clear of snow. I think pansies would look nice and they withstand the cold pretty well. We spent most of the time with Ralph's Mom and Dad, Ralph's Dad looks very good. He still gets tired easily and has to go back to Colorado next week for another treatment.
I wasn't feeling too good and all that comes with that so I was pretty much a bump on the couch which isn't too much different than usual. I did read some interesting books on lives of the orophets and the U.S. presidents. I think we are going up again this week because Ralph didn't get much done on his summer project. He also has some cabin projects he wants to do before the WallyPlant Family reunion which is on June 29. Ralph did move our little pot-bellied stove back in and it looks perfect against the rock wall.
Sorry this is kind of a boring, ordinary entry but I guess we live boring, ordinary lives.