Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Ashtyn went to Golf Camp with some of her cousins in Driggs, ID the following week and stayed the night at our house before Ralph took her home this Saturday. It was a delight for us to have her here. She picked a bouquet of snowball flowers for me. It was so beautiful we had to take a picture. (See below) I guess all the rain has been good for them. We each had a piece of oatmeal cake for breakfast and called it our "bowl of oatmeal". Each of us decided not to tell her mom. It was fun to have her here but I think she was glad to get home with her own family.

A Fun Week

Last week our entire family was here for kind of a mini-family reunion. Wd were glad Ralph had finished the room over the garage so we could accommodate everyone. The room turned nicer than we thought - so much so that Ralph is interested in staying in this house instead of building a new one next door.
All our daughters and one daughter-in-law ran a half marathon in the Teton Dam Marathon. Two son-in-laws ran too. I worried about them getting rained on but weather for the race was beautiful. I didn't give any thought however to what it would be like to have 13 grandkids cooped up in the house while it rained the rest of the time. Chad saved the day and rented a "Bounce House" which eventually got rain-soaked too.
Ralph parked his recently acquired Model A a couple blocks from the finish line and put all he grandkids in it. They honked the "ah-oo-ga" horn at each runner to encourage them at the end of the race. Everybody in our family finished well and were proud of their accomplishment.
We also had delicious meals provided by each families' contribution. The weekend was wonderful! I was tired out from doing nothing but it was worth it because of all the good memories we made.

Monday, June 22, 2009