Friday, July 31, 2009

I was going to wait until I could post pictures but I probably should give you an update anyway.
Ralph took his mom and sister to a concert last night. It featured a girl in our ward singing with somebody Beck, a boy singer that others know about but I have never heard of. I got to stay home and listen to Grandma Kern's new dog yip in his cage for an hour and a half. Not many functions are held at 9:00 o'clock in the the morning before my body completely shuts down. Ralph is good to bring me pictures or a program. Misst Babcock, the girl, specializes in jazz music which I've tried to like but haven't made it yet. Ralph said his favorite song was "The Prayer" which Emily performed with two other girls at her High School graduation.
We will probably spend most of Augusr at the cabin which I am looking forward to. He has only one month summer vacation and has it filled with projects. Today he is picking up his third Modek A in Utah, meeting with a photographer in Salt Lake so they can collaborate on the book he is writing, and attending his aunt's 80th birthday party. He manages to stay busy but I think there could be worse problems.
The girls and husbands want to take another hike so they will probably go with Ralph into Yellowstone Park about the third week in August. Josie and family, Sara and family have already been up to Island Park once or twice this summer.
We found a wild strawberry patch in bloom and I hope there are some ripe berries left by the time we make it up to the cabin. Ralph made two new swings in our back yard. The Grandkids have been picking lots of raspberries from our backyard and making signs that say "Welcome to Raspberry Park!" This week Hailey and I (Hailey did all the work.) made Raspberry/Peach jam. Hailey, her husband and their new baby rent our basement apt. downstairs. She has become a good friend and helps us out with a lot of things. Happy Summer!