Thursday, November 11, 2010

Gratitude - Exercises For The Soul

"Gratitude is being aware of and appreciating blessings and kindnesses given to us. We can express it through sincere words of thanks and through actions that show our appreciation. An increased spirit of gratitude will bring increased joy into our lives." (Family Home Evening Manuel)

Ask: What does gratitude mean to you?

Scripture Story: Tell the story of the ten lepers.(Luke 17:11-18).
Ask: How did the one leper show his gratitude? ( Luke 17:15-16)
What experience did the ungrateful miss? (They missed the opportunity of expressing gratitude and love to the Savior.)
Read: D&C 59:7 together. Have each family member write down two blessings they have received from Heavenly Father and two kindnesses or gifts they have received from other people. Then have them write by each blessing or gift the name of the person who gave it to them and how they showed gratitude to that person.
Discuss: How does showing gratitude help us feel closer to the giver of the gift or blessing?

Personal experience : When I can't sleep at night, I count my blessings. Sometimes I can't think of anything to be thankful for so I remember a time in Finland when we took a man to Sunday dinner at a friends' house after church. He was about 60 years old and rode his bike 70 miles to church. He asked us if we would stop so he could get his change of clothes from the place he had stayed the night before. When we reached the house where he had stayed, he got a plastic bag of clothes from under the house. He had slept under the house the night before. I looked at the dirt under the house held up only by stacks of rocks on each corner. I am grateful I have a bed to sleep in and a nice warm house.

(Suggested Hymns or Songs: When upon Life's Billows (Hymns no. 202) I Thank Thee Dear Father (Sing With Me, A-8 )

Person of the week: Alayna Hill - I love reading BLOGs about her creativity and imagination.