Thursday, February 19, 2009

A Fun Weekend

We went to the cabin in Island Park last weekend. Jay and Sara and family went too. We had a wonderful time. The girls put on a play using the loft for a stage. Even grandpa played the big bad wolf. Sara cooked many delicious meals and they even convinced me to get in a long sled and we went for an outing. Thank goodness for snowmobiles which made pulling me up big hills much easier. Others went out and played in the snow other times but I was happy to stay in the cabin by the warm fire. Their new dog, Millie. became my new friend and wasn't shy about jumping on my lap which I enjoyed.
We went to church in West Yellowstone where Jay and Sara had the chance to hear from some of the local characters. I love it up there, people are 'down home" characters but genuinely good as can be.

President's Day Pics

Thursday, February 12, 2009

V alentine's Day

Kindergarten kids get excited about all holidays, not celebrating them is not an option. Before Valentine's Day in kindergarten, I sent home a list of all the first names of students in the class. Students were not required to bring Valentines but if they did, they had to bring one for everybody. If they did not bring valentines and were allowed to celebrate we had some valentines dittoed off for them so they could participate. My aide would help them address all the valentines. In all my years teaching I only had to provide valentines once or twice.
Previous to the holiday, one of our activities would be to make giant envelopes shaped like a heart. Each child would lace two big pink paper hearts together and write their name clearly on the front. On Valentine's day the envelopes would be taped up in the room to be filled. Students were expected to match the name on the valentine with the name on the envelope.
This activity pushed some kids to their limits but they were anxious and proud to be in charge of their own valentines. Although their name and the names of others were the first words they learned to read, it also motivated them to write clearly and readably or they wouldn't get any valentines. It also gave them practice writing and reading. Parents who wrote all the names denied their child the writing practice. (Some wrote dots and let their child go over them with lines to practice. What a good idea!) It was a difficult task for some children but all were happy to do it. At the end of the day we celebrated with Valentine treats. Happy Valentine's Day to all!

Monday, February 2, 2009


I have learned to post pictures but I forgot to proofread my post. The "dugutak" camera is supposed to read digital camera. Now my ineptness is on display for all to see. I guess I'll just watch TV. I can halfway work the remote.

Success and practice

Guess what family home evening was tonight? Ralph showed me how to put pictures from our dugutak camera into my computer so I can post them on my BLOG. Now I am going to practice so I can remember how to do it. Hence two almost identical pictures. I am so sorry Ralph has to be patient with such a "computer illiterate".