Sunday, November 23, 2008

Pet Peeve

Recently there has been a big flap in our city about some students on a bus that started chanting, " Kill Obama!". I think it has even made national news. This has brought back many memories of another time when gossip and talk became a national media event. I prefer to stay away from it and ignore the details.
I have read that if one can control the tongue, one can control the whole body. I am not perfect and probably my kids have done or said some things I'd rather not know about but at least I think they know what is right.
Here is my pet peeve. Most people have been taught that swearing and bad language is inappropriate. Sometimes they substitute another word that sounds like a swear word even if it has only one similar letter. To me, the intent of swearing is the same.
As I have said, I am not perfect and sometimes I am not even aware that I have offended someone. I find it best, especially when relationships are strained, to stick to "yes", "no", and "thank-you".

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SKH said...

I agree 100% I remember going to Ricks and hearing substitute words and because they were so close to the real thing (often used at Nampa High) I was still stunned and in some cases offended. I will admit living in Utah has made me numb and partially deaf when I hear certain words and unfortunately say a few of them. BUT like you said, You raised me to know better and I hope me children will continue to think "butt" and many others are inappropriate to use.