Sunday, November 2, 2008

Grandpa Kern

This weekend Ralph went to the funeral of his father, Reese Kern. I stayed home because I wanted Ralph to be able to grieve and enjoy his family without being consumed with worrying about my needs. Besides I had just seen Grandma and Grandpa the week before when they stayed with us during and after Grandpa's stay in the hospital in Rexburg.
Still I feel I should pay tribute to him some way so I am writing this. Most of what I know about Grandpa Kern are the good memories we made with our family. Many were at the cabin in Island Park where we spent summers while Ralph helped his parents (Grandpa Kern readily admits he is a "chainsaw carpentar") remodel their cabin. We made many lasting memories in a beautiful setting. Once Ralph and I had to get away due to misunderstandings in the newspaper, on TV, and in the community. It was a nightmare that only happened when we were awake. Grandpa made his cabin available to us and we were able able to gather our strength in a quiet place where few people knew about us.
Later Grandpa Kern allowed us to build our own cabin adjoining his garage. Now we can go to Island Park, renew our energy and have many wonderful memories of Grandpa Kern
In later years, he always took our grandchildren to see his horses in Island Park and let them have a ride. I am glad I have pictures of this.
Once when our son, Ben was visiting Grandma and Grandpa in Colorado while he was on a business trip, Grandpa explained to him why he loved Grandma Kern. I watched her meet and deal with this reality that Grandpa was going to go first with courage while they were staying with us last week. Now we will take care of grandma.

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