Tuesday, November 25, 2008


The "grandma" stage came before I expected it and I'll admit I went into it "kicking and screaming" mentally. What a pleasant surprise! I love being a grandma and as most grandmas believe, I have the best grandchildren ever! Let me tell you about my 13 grandchildren. They have been my strength through MS and this stage of life. Unlike adults, they ask questions. satisfy their curosity and set about to help in whatever way they can. Some of my grandchildren are my best friends.
Jessica is my oldest grandchild so we have the longest relationship. She is 11 and just entering her teen-age years beautifully. Who knows what the next few years will bring. I don't know but through experience I know that teen-agers kind of depart from the human race. I also know that they gradually come back. Our teen-agers turned into adults that I really like. I also know that parents become the enemy for awhile, (Ben,our oldest child, was sure we wouldn't be happy unless he became an engineer. Where he got that, I don't know.)while teen-agers are trying to figure things out. I hope that Jessica will always know that her grandparents are her friends and she can count on them.
Emily (the third Emily in the family) came into this world at 28 weeks. Despite all the worries and accomodations of a premature baby, her mother has been vigilant in taking care of her needs and Emily is now a successful third grader. I loved playing "Magic Carpet" with her and sharing her wonderful imagination.
Ashton is a third grader too and shares a love of poetry with me. When I cry (which is an embarrassing aspect of MS,) she gets me a kleenex and we go on with what we were doing like nothing is wrong. I appreciate this compassionate and practical approach to the problem.
Anna is a beautiful girl. She has a flair for fashion and carries it off beautifully. When I went to visit their new home in California, she wore a scarf around her neck for the occasion and looked beautiful.
Jack is an enthusiasic boy and is always pushing the edge to see what he can do. He is intelligent and always tries to figure things out, When I went to stay at his house, he patiently explained to me the difference between an airplane and a helicopter.
Reese loves fish. He wrote me a letter that confirmed, "Yes, grandma you are correct. A whale is a mammal, not a fish."
Alayna is a happy, thoughtful person. I stayed at her house while Grandpa took a trip to Guatemala. In her blessing on the food, she blessed grandpa in Jottemala. I knew what she meant and knew that grandpa would come home safely from the country with the highest murder rate in the world. She also helped me button my blouse one morning when I was having trouble.
The twins, Bella and Maya, are happy, enthusiastic, little girls. I still can't always tell them apart but I heard them bless me in their sincere prayers when I visited them in California.
Sam sits or lays beside me and we read books together. We have read books about birds, about flowers, and about Indians. Someday he might be too old to read books together but for now, I enjoy the snuggles and the sharing.
Kennedy is showing more of her personality as she gets older and goes to preschool. She wants to be helpful. Recently she said, "Don't worry Grandma. When you grow up, your legs will work."
Jacob is only one but his big smiles show what he is feeling inside.
Jeffrey is our newest and youngest grandson,still a baby. I am looking forward to discovering his personality as he grows.

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SKH said...

I hope you have as nice of things to say after a crazy holiday weekend. I am just kidding. I am sure you will get to know each of them better. I hope you get a chance to visit with each of them one on one. I like everyone of your posts.