Monday, November 17, 2008

Happy Birthday

We spent this weekend at the cabin in Island Park so Ralph could make shutters for the outside of the windows. The snow gets so deep there in the winter it is higher than the windows and he is afraid the windows will break. He ran into one problem after another so ended up nailing boards up like he did last year.

Sunday we went to church in West Yellowstone, MT but no one was there. We figured out that it must be Stake Conference in Ashton. By then it was too late to drive the 60 or more miles to St. Anthony. About that time Ralph said, "Aren't you going to wish me Happy Birthday?" I was mortified. True to form, I had not realized that Sunday was the 16th. I knew his birthday was coming up and even had a birthday present for him in Rexburg. I got the dates mixed up for Sara's birthday once and I have never forgotten it.

Anyway, we decided to take a Sunday drive to Virginia City, MT, a favorite childhood memory of Ralph's. When we got home to Rexburg. that night, we had Birthday brownies and I played Happy Birthday for him on my Happy Birthday music box. We both agreed that at our age, it's O.K. if someone forgets that we are one year older.

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Sarah Camilla said...

I have a Happy Birthday music box, too. I love it. I have only used it once, when I woke up early, early in the morning on Kevin's birthday and played it for him.