Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Island Park cabin

We spent the weekend at our cabin in Island Park, Idaho. It was an enjoyable, restful time. Ralph enjoyed spending all day Saturday organizing the garage. a day writting and reading and he spent one day fixing pumbing problems on his parent's cabin which was a little less than enjoyable. Plumbing is kind of like wiring. Nobody sees the work that goes into making things work, but if they don't work, then everybody notices.
The snow is melting fast in Island Park and we can see out of our windows. There are puddles of water everywhere. At church on Sunday the youth speaker said something that I hadn't thought of. I had realized that farmers pray for rain for their crops but he mentioned praying for rain to keep the forest fires down. It was enjoyable seeing spring emerge up there. This should be a beautiful wildflower year. Ralph's Mom planted a bunch of daffodil bulbs because the forest critters don't eat those. They were in full bloom and Ralph brought in a bouquet for our dinner table. They were fresh and beatiful three days later when we left.
We are going back up in a couple days for next weekend because Josie and Blake's family is coming up for a few days. Ralph is looking forward to Blake's expertise on some building projects. I am looking forward to a visit from the grandkids.


SKH said...

Your right, you don't usually hear pray for rain until the fires are burning. I don't know why I am suprised that daffodils are blooming up there, but I am very suprised. I can't wait to see the wildflowers in your field. It will be interesting to see if the flowers Grandma Grandma and the girls planted along the road last fall bloom.

da linfords said...

That is so great you guys are close to the cabin now. You'll need to post some pictures of the flowers when you go up with Josie & Blake. Oh and I love that your VT companion kept saying blob! So funny.

Kyla said...

Aunt Connie-
Your "blob" is so cute! I bet you just loved going up to the cabin. I can't wait to go up and see all of the pretty flowers.
- Mikyla