Monday, May 12, 2008


For my second post (I could get used to this) I asked Ralph to add a picture. This is the place where his great grandfather had a homestead near Preston, Idaho. This summer Ralph has been researching information on homes of the LDS prophets. He is working with some students but enjoyed finding some information on his own family on a solo trip to southeastern Idaho. He thoroughly enjoyed finding the some of the sites of of his own roots. I don't how this will end up - maybe a book or curriculum for a class, but it has been very interesting. While many of the prophets ended up with beautiful and elegant homes, he is focusing on their early lives when their children were young.


Emily Oman said...

I love the picture, it looks beutiful! I'm interested to see how all of dad's research comes together as well! Love you lots!

da linfords said...

Yea! You have a blog!! I'm so excited Sara converted you too... she's a great blog missionary. And I love the Indiana Jones picture of Ralph - that is hilarious!!

Welcome to the blogging world.