Wednesday, May 14, 2008


This morning I did my visiting teaching. It is kind of "reverse' visiting teaching because my partner spends most of her time in St.George, Utah in the winter and then lives in Rexburg the rest of the year. The sisters we are assigned to come to my house in the summer instead of us visiting them. The rest of the year I send them a letter and e-mail from Vida, my partner, or call them on the phone. I am grateful for this arrangement because I can feel like I am doing someting in the ward. This morning I told Vida about my new blog and she kept refering to it as a "blob"
Ralph is spending today getting his shop in the back yard cleaned and organized. I am trying to be as excited as Ralph is about his new welder. I am spending my afternoon (as usual) on the couch. Oprah and re-runs of M.A.S.H. get old after awhile so for now I will keep on "blobbing".


SKH said...

I will be excited for dad's welder. I hope he will be up for all the welding projects I have in mind. That is so funny about the blobbing. Ashtyn likes to check out the "Bloopers" (you know the funny outtakes they put on the dvds) She calls them 'blobbers'. She will come down and say "Mom, you should see the blobbers on the Hannah Montana DVD...." Every once in a while she will try to correct herself and call them 'bloobers'.

CrazyinIdaho said...

I love your new "blob" mom. I also now have no excuse whatsoever for not getting my own visiting teaching done!! this month, or any month for that matter. Thanks for the great example you continue to be to me!