Saturday, December 17, 2011

Gingerbread Houses

This week Kistin and I made Gingerbread Houses my way which is usually the easy way. We used to make 3-D gingerbread houses at my sister, Priscilla's house the day after Thanksgiving. Besides all the preparatiion, Priscilla used to talk about using "dynamite" to get her kitchen clean afterwards.
I just make gingerbread cookies and use gingerbread house cookie cutters. I decorate with colorful mini M&Ms as well as other candies. (I love the taste of gingerbread and chocolate.) I think I have included the recipe before but your favorite rolled gingerbread cookie recipe would probably work fine. I use the recipe from the red and white Betty Crocker cookbook.
for Rolled Ginger cookies. It's not Christmas until you've eaten a frosted gingerbread cookie. Besides, it tastes a lot better than eating a whole gingerbread house.

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