Monday, February 7, 2011

Exercises for the Soul - Heart Attack

I saw this idea on a BLOG Sara gave me. I have seen variations of this but it was good to be reminded again. Even though this has a valentine theme I think it would be good for a family any time of year A "heart attack" is simply a bunch of hearts cut out and stuck to the wall. On each heart is written a short sentiment about a family member. (e.g. I love _______ because...). I think it would be interessting to see both what is written abouut each family member as well as to learn each's feelings about others. Hearts can be displayed in a bedroom. Who doesn't like reading about themselves over and over. Hearts can also be decorated with stickers, pieces of yarn, colored pencils, or whatever. Refreshments can be valenttine cookies or candy and you have an easy, worthwhile and fun family home evening. There are lots of songs and humns about love like,"Love At Home", "Love One Another", and "Happy Family".

Persons of the Week: All the in-laws who have brought such great love to our children and grandchildren.

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