Monday, February 28, 2011

Exercises for the Soul - Self Esteem

Twice in the last month.

I have seen evidences of low self esteem in my grandlids. One actually said, "Grandma, I don't feel very good about myself." While I know struggles with self-esteem continue into adulthood, (in fact, I beleve it is the root of most other problems), it has been on my mind and it is never too early to give your family some coping skills.

Scriptures: That I know of, there is no reference to self-esteem in the scriptures. I discovered that there are lots of scripture on the "worth of a soul" which is essentially the same thing. Look up the worth of a soul in the topical guide and discuss how self-esteem is important.

Adk: What are things we should not do if we are feeling low self--esteem or insecure? ( make fun of others, brag about ourselves whether true or untrue, treat serious issues lightly or jokingly)

Ask: What are some things that will help if we are feeling low self-esteem or insecure? (practicing until we become confident, asking someone with confidence to help us, humbly acting as if we were confident even though we may not feel that way, pray for help).

Many times we feel like everyone else is better than we are. This seems to be especially true about junior high age. This is a time when we have to decide how we are going to deal with it. I am impressed with the great way all of our children are addressing this with our grandchildren. ( giving them opportunities to develop skills and many other ways).
I remember being jr. high age and crying to my mother that I was sure I was the only one in our school that had to take a bath in a wash-tub by the cook stove. To make things worse, my mother would hang a curtain across the kitchen and I was afraid the tall missionaries or someone else would drop in.

Usually, most people don't even notice our insecurities. Here is an example.
True story from MaChel Stimpson: ( I cannot find the copy of the story shee gave me so I will post it later.)

Ask: Each family member to go around the room and list something each person is good at. (These can be intangible qualities too such as always showing gratitude or encouraging others.)

Suggested songs: I Am a child of God in either the LDS Hymnbook or the Primary Children Sing book.

Persons of the week: Jack Manwaring and Tango, the big dog he is helping to babysit while Victor and Virginia are visiting back east. Tango has very good manners and Jack is very nice to the dog.

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