Sunday, May 3, 2009

Today the elevator at church was broken so we decided to go on a Sunday drive instead. Ralph went up the stairs and checked it out but after going to the trouble of dressing and getting in the car (which is a big effort for me) we went to Kilgore the back way which Ralph nor I had never been. We also went to check on the cabin and yes, there is still snow there. This area will appreciate the moisture and I am really looking forward to our short summer. We listened to one of Elder Uchdorf's conference addresses and Sunday music on KBYI. It is cloudy and rainy today but we are having an enjoyablle day.
Now it is nice to be home with our variety of daffodils. I took a picture of our flower bed outside but I'm still working on getting it into the computer. I'm slow as I am with just about everything these days.

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