Sunday, April 26, 2009

Rexburg: Land of Oxymorons

I have decided I live in a place where oxymorons abound. For example, I have been enjoying the beautiful daffodils in our yard and the hint of Spring in the air This morning we woke up to a snow storm. Other things have been very diffeent for me. There are many contrasts. A local television car ad says the best thing about coming to the "big city" of Idaho Falls is that you get to ride in an elevator. However our next door neighbor is a retired airline pilot and now drives a school bus for the local school district. My sister on the other side of the State says they should be so lucky in their school district.
I thought it odd that irrigation pipes were used in the local dance and celebration of the completion of the Rexburg LDS Temple. When we went to church in West Yellowstone near our cabin, the speaker remembered this experience:
During the forest fires of 1988, the town of West Yellowstone, MT became threatened. The speaker was fire chief at the time and considered how to save the town and lives and property for which he was responsible. Someone suggested using irrigation pipe from the farmer's in the valley (Rexburg and other communities) They saved the town of West Yellowstone by using the irrigation pipes farmers had willingly brought up from the valley.
I have learned that what may seem odd or different may have totally different signifance once the facts and history are known. For now, I will remember that Spring will come to stay and that I live in one of the most beautiful parts of the world. In the meantime, I'll enjoy my bouquet of daffodils in the house.

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