Monday, April 13, 2009

Happy Easter

Last weekend we made a daytrip to Sara's in Utah to celebrate Easter. We enjoyed watching the grandkids dye and hunt Easter eggs on on Saturday and had a traditional "doo-dah" family dinner. The girls made familiar food that tasted very good to me. Training good cooks was not high on my priority list but every daughter sure is one.
We came home late Sat. night and when Ralph apologised for not having Easter Baskets and candy on Sunday morning, I was totally o.k. because I felt like we had already celebrated on Saturday. Besides, Sara sent home some leftovers which we had for Sunday dinner.
It was nice to see Blake and Josie and family, especially since Blake's job is ending in Twin Falls and no one knows where they'll be living next.
I have posted a picture of some of the grandkids sitting on the steps at Sara's house. Sunday was a quiet day. Our big celebration that day was to see the purple crocuses in bloom outside and the Easter Lily blooming inside, both reminders of the Resurrection and that there will be new hope even after a long winter. Hope your Easter was good too!

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