Tuesday, April 7, 2009


I love my grandkids! Even though this stage of life came before I felt I was ready for it, it has been one of the pleasantest surprises of my life. As I am sure all grandmothers feel, I have the best grandchildren in the whole world.
Four of my grandchildren came to stay with me last weekend. I am always pleased at how kind and respectful they are. A great deal of credit goes to their parents. Even 18 month old Jacob, who loves cars, brings me many cars. With them piled high on my lap, I can be thankful for his 18th month old compassion or frustrated about the pile of cars on my lap. I love interacting with him on this level Other grandchildren made pictures and stories for me. Soms wrote notes to me. It is a completely different way of interacting with each other but I love it.
This weekend wore me out but it also envigorated me and gave me many happy memories that I am still enjoying. Sara took a picture of Grandpa reading a story about cars to Jacob. I will post it but it may take me awhile. Ralph went to Salt Lake this weekend to sing in a choir for the LDS General pnference, spend time with his sons, and of course he had to look at a classic car which was for sale. For now, I will think of my wonderful weekend.

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