Saturday, January 10, 2009


Early in the year I would teach kindergarten students to recognize and identify patterns. I found that recognizing patterns helped with every subject. I read somewhere that most scientific disoveries were a result of discovering patterns. Students would find patterns everywhere in their environment. They would even point out patterns to their parents.
We would start out by making a two part ( AB ) color pattern using unifix cubes (plastic colored blocks that hook together ). Each student would make a pattern then read it aloud to me going from left to right. You would be surprised how many students track from right to left and have to be retrained to prepare them to read English.
Every day we would practice patterns. Sometimes I would put a pattern on the board e.g. sniley face, frowny face, etc, Some days I would make "People Patterns" by lining up a row of students and have the class identify the pattern e.g. long hair, short hair. As the year progressed we would make and identify more complicated patterns. Nearly 100% of students mastered this concept. By the end of the year, students were competant identifying quite complicated patterns.

What I learned: Patterns can be interesting and in many cases are the key to learning.

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Dustin said...

Hi Connie! It has been so fun to catch up with your family, children, & grandchildren briefly through these blogs. My sister Amanda found Sara on facebook and Sara then told me about your blogs when I asked if any of you were on facebook yet.

I have many happy memories with your family. I still consider all of you the best of friends even if we have lost touch of each other over the years. Tell your husband hi for me. You can get my e-mail address from Sara, you should consider joining facebook as well - it's a fun way to keep in touch with family & friends.