Sunday, January 4, 2009


Something caused me to think about a past experience. When I was younger and married with small childen, I had a friend in a similar situation. We used to meet in the dark after the kids were in bed and run around the block a number of imes. Bwsides talking about chld-rearing,we discussed our beliefs since we both attended the same church.. At the time our beliefs were being publicly challenged and much was written in newspaper editorials. My visiting teacher. who was also my neighbor, gave me a book that was supposed to expose my beliefs as false. She also was very against what I believed. I had always believed what my parents had taught me but I decided it was ime to decide for myself.
I embarked on a careful study of the book my neighbor had given me. Upon researching the original sources of every (supposedly somehing us poor duped believers should be made aware of) accusation of falsehood, I could see how it had been taken out of context to show a completely different meaning. I also was surprised to learn that our church had a library containing many negative and "anti" pieces written and anyone could go there to study them. After awhile of finding the same misrepresntations over and over again, I decided I was wasting my time and I woulld continue to believe what I had been taught. Since that time, I have had many experiences and read many things that confirm what I believe I also learned the importance of knowing something for oneself not just beieving what you hae been told.

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