Monday, January 17, 2011

Exercises For The Soul - Judging Others

This is probably the trait I have had to work on the most. I have inckuded two of my learning experiences.

My mother's experience: We moved to a new ward and my mother noticed a sister on the front row of the chapel. She was there every Sunday with a whole row of little kids that she wrestled all through church. Finally she would pull a clean disposable diaper out of her bag and fan herself until the end of the meeting. My mother told us how nuch she admired that sister for coming to church every week even though her husband didn't support her. It turned out she was the Bishop's wife.

My experience: After the temple was built in Rexburg, they had a cultural celebration to celebrate the opening of the Tenple. They did a dance with irrigation pipes. I thought it just showed what a "hick" farming community we lived in. A while afterward we went to church in West Yellowstone, MT while staying at our cabin nearby. The speaker was the West Yellowstone Fire Chief who reminisced about the great fire of 1988? in the Park and its direction towards the little city of West Yellowstone. They knew it was coming but didn't know what to do. I remember being at Grandma and Grandpa's cabin in Island Park and seeing the orange glow over the mountains. Finally they dynamited a big pond in the Madison river for water and all the farmers from down in the valley brought up their irrigation pipes. They saved the town of West Yellowstone from burning down and changed the way I felt about irrigation pipes.

Activity: Before FHE hide pieces of wrapped candy inside wadded up pieces paper and place around the room so it looks like garbage. Encourage family members to look inside the crumpled paper until the candy is found and allow the candy to be eaten.

Explain: Sometimes something or someone looks like garbage. If we will allow ourselves to investigate further, we might change our judgements and find the hidden goodness inside.

( The candy can be FHE refreshments)

Person of the week: Jessica Kern for being nice to younger cousins even though she may have preferred older kids her own age.
Scripture: John

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