Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Exercises for the Soul - FAITH

I am feeling very delinquent in posting this. Oh well, I still think it is important so here goes my delinquent post.

Do an object lesson to illustrate belief, faith and knowledge. Start by having the father or mother pick up a child and explain that he or she knows and can show they can pick up the child because of their strength. Then have the child stand with their back to the adult and their eyes closed. Then have the child fall back while the adult catches them. Explain that they believe they will be caught because they trust the adult, they have a knowledge the adult can catch them because they saw their strength when the child was lifted. And they have faith they will be caught by the adult because he or she was willing to do whatever was asked by the adult because he or she knows they are loved and the adult would not let them get hurt.

Tell the story of Lehi's dream from the book of Mormon. Explain that he continued on the path even though there were mists of darkness and he could not see the tree with the delicious fruit. Holding on to the iron rod was important so he would not lose his way. Explain that we will all have times in our life when we will not be able to see what is ahead and it will be importent to hold the iron rod so we do not lose our way.

When Grandpa Kern was a teenager he worked with a sheepherder in the hills east of Idaho Falls. One of their jobs was to dock the newborn lamb's tails. When lambs are born they have tail which is usually gotten rid of because it is a nuisance as they get older. The sheepherder decided to play a joke on Grandpa and told him if he would plant the tails, a sheep would grow. No matter how much faith one has, sheep do not grow from panted lamb tails. It is importent we have faith in the correct thing - Jesus Christ. Exercising faith in Jesus Christ is just like exercising a muscle - the more we execise it, the stronger it grows. As we study the scriptures, pray, and observe the way we are blessed, our faith will be strengthened. If desired have famiy members tell of a time when their faith was strengthened.

Hymn suggestion: To Nephi, Seer, of Olden Times (Maybe it is called
Hold to the Rod.)

Person of the week: Sara Kern for sponsoring a MS walk and participating in Salt Lake.

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