Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Keeping the Sabbath Day

I didn't find a lesson on this topic so I will just give you some thoughts I have been having. I remember teaching a lesson a few years ago on the Sabbath Day and I was impressed by it's definition of keeping the Sabbath Day holy. It didn't have a long list of Do's and Don'ts. Rather it just gave the simple definition that it was the Lord's day and we should be doing what he wants us to on that day. I suppose one could spend a long time arguing over "the list" but each individual is different. For example, we had to wear dresses all day Sunday in my family,growing up. With five daughters I suppose it was easier than wrangling over every decision of appropriate Sunday activities. At the same time my Dad shot a moose in our corral on a Sunday morning. We needed the meat and the opportunity presented itself as a blessing. He called someone to help him dress it out and then changed into his Sunday clothes so he could take his family to church and fulfill his responsibility as Branch President. He figured out a way to keep the commandment of taking care of his family and fulfilling his Sunday obligations. I learned that one can figure out a way to make the Lord happy if he tries. I have been thankful many times for the Holy Ghost to help us make these decisions which he probably wouldn't do if one was in the habit of going hunting every Sunday.
Recently we re-watched a movie we had seen many years ago. I had remembered it as a good movie but had forgotten it had such a good message about Keeping The Sabbath Day Holy. I recommend it. It is called "Chariots of Fire" and was made sometime in the 1980's.
Several weeks ago I read about an idea called "Sunday Stations". Basically you just gather or purchase a group of karge plastic dishpans or tubs. Cardboard boxes would work too or whatever works for your family. Each tub is filled with an appropriate Sunday activity to be used only on Sunday so they remain "special" and interesting. A few suggestions follow but I am confident you can come up with your own ideas too. You could even prepare these "Sunday Tubs"for another FHE.

Reading Station: Fill container with appropriate reading materials. (e.g. Issues of the Friend, The scriptures in easy-to read cartoon form, good literature or other Sunday reading material that appeals to your children.

Writing Station: Fill container with notebooks and writing materials for journal writing. Materials cann also be included for letter-writing.

Creative Station: Fill with paints, paintbrushes, play dough or whatever. Use your imagination!

You probably can think of lots more to suit your family.

PERSONS OF THE WEEK: Jack Manwaring and Alayna Hill who read for hours to Grandma Kern. Jack read almost all of the stories from his "Frog and Toad" book and Alayna read all of the " Bob Books".

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