Sunday, March 7, 2010


This week Hailey and I made omelets. Really, it was a chance to use my omelet pan which is a novelty and makes omelets so easy. You can make them in a regular pan which I have a sneaking suspicion Hailey already does but she is so nice she would never tell me. Oh well, here are the instructions in case any of you don't have this already have this mastered. If I am serving a large crowd and don't want to make individual omelets for everyone I just make scrambled eggs and put all the fillings on the side so people can mix in what they want. They tasted so good Ralph even made them for his brother who was visiting and just discovered he has Celiac disease and is on a gluten-free diet.

We made two-egg omelets. These were a meal for us but if you want a bigger serving, three egg omelets work too.
For each egg add a tablespoon of water and mix together well. Put in pan and swirl around until the pan is coated. Place over medium heat. When egg mixture just starts to set, add fillings to 1 side (1/2) of omelet. Salt and pepper to taste can be sprinkled over the top of omelet in the pan or added to the egg mixture before putting in the pan. My biggest tendency is to overfill the omelet and then you just end up with a pile of ingredients. If you are not sure you may want to start out by just making a cheese omelet with cheese only for a ffilling.
For fillings I use what I have on hand but my favorite is the following:

ham -diced in 1/4 in. pieces
zucchini - unpeeled and diced in 1/4 in. pieces
a small amount of finely chopped grreen onion
cheese - the amount you like (cheese can also be sprinkled on top if desired)
Fold over empty half of egg mixture and cook a few moments or until cheese melts. ( Be sure to leave a margin around the outside of filling so filling will be sealed inside.) Cook untl egg is cooked and filling is warmed through. (Not long - like frying an egg)
Serve with fruit and some kind of bread and you have a meal.

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