Thursday, February 11, 2010

Valentine's Day

This year Valentine's Day and President's Day come on the same weekend. So I am going to post a variety of thoughts. This weekend we are going to the cabin in Island Park with Sara and Emily's families. The kids were a little disappointed they would miss their school Valentine Parties so I said we would have a Valentine Party at the cabin. We are just going to decorate heart-shaped sugar cookies and make paper valentines with stickers. I hope no one is too disappointed. Hailey helped me make sugar cookies yesterday. At first we were going to make my sister's recipe which includes sour cream but decided to use a different recipe, the one I have always used because it doesn't require any special ingredients that I don't already have on hand. We are going to use store-bought frosting for decorating but you can make your own by mixing powdered sugar, a little butter or margarine, a small amount of milk and flavoring. (Vanilla tends to turn the frosting a brownish color.)


1 c. butter (I always have used margarine because that is what I always have on hand.)
2 c. sugar
3 karge eggs, beaten
6 T. milk
2 tsp. vanilla
5 1/2 c. flour
1 tsp. salt
3 tsp. (1T.) baking powder

Mix ingredients in order listed. Roll out on floured board or counter and cut with your favorite cookie cutter. Place on cookie sheet. (If desired, can be sprinkled with sugar at this point. I have always preferred to frost them after they are baked.) Bake in a moderate (350 degree) oven until done. (6-8 min.)

We won't be back home monday so I think I will also post my FHM entry also:
Families need some kind of FHE assignment chart. This can range any anywhere from fancy to plain. You might already have something. In our family we had a wooden board shaped like a house and painted in R.S. homemaking meeting. We had each family member's name written on a small wooden heart that was attached to a magnet. Assignments were made each week and each heart was attached to a magnet in a house window. As I have said, there are lots of ways to do this - fancy or as simple as a piece of cardboard. All you need is the name of each family member on a moveable piece and a way to attach it by the FHE assignment. (e.g. Opening song, Opening prayer, Lesson, Refreshments, etc.) Parents will have to help young children with some assignments.

Calendar: I heard that Ben and Emily are moving to Twin Falls about June 1.

PERSON OF THE WEEK: Kennedy Oman is already planning ways to help her new sister even before she is born

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