Monday, February 8, 2010


Announcing another aspect to my BLOG. Ralph and I still feel like parents and have responsibility for our family (which, by the way, we couldn't be more pleased with the way they are growing up. Yes, growing up. There is a difference between growing up and growing old.) We have tried to have FHE for the two of us but it has not been very successful. I am grateful for the passage of time and nostalgia that makes it seem we had good family home evenings when the kids were growing up. I guess the key is to keep trying and not give up ( By the way, I have attended FHE at a couple of your houses and I am impressed!)
So here's my plan. Each monday morning we will post a FHM (Family Home Morning I am totally wiped out by noon.) It will be a short thought called "Exercises For The Soul". (When I was a child, that's what my father called Family Night Lessons. This was before the Church had any formal program or lesson manuels.
Also we will include "Calendaring". (I can hear Dad's groaning from past FHEs, either audibly or with his facial expressions.) e.g. Sara's and Emily's families are coming up for President's day weekrnd and Valentine's Day which happen to be the same weekend this year. Josie's family is staying home because of Church responsibilities. (By the way, we love to have you visit but totally understand if Church or other responsiibilities take precedent. You are all in the thick of "family life".
Also we will include a feature called "PERSON OF THE WEEK". For example, this week we will feature Emily Manwaring who asked her mother if she could take plates of cookies to each of the neighbors - and she did, This way we can all see some of the good things you all do.
You do not have to incorporate any of this into your Family Home Evenings. You know what is best for your family. Just know that we love all of you and we are grateful for you as well as this technology that makes us feel closer.

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SKH said...

Oh mom! I love this. Thank you! I can't wait for our visit.