Saturday, June 14, 2008

Spring Snow

We went to the cabin in Island Park again this weekend. Ralph wanted to do a bunch of varnishing. We have a lot of woodwork and it looks beautiful now, even though with Ralph's penchant for projects, I'm sure he'll never say it is finished. It snowed every day we were up there. It covered the green grass and Glacier Lilys then melted every day only to do the same thing the ext day. While we were there Howard and business associate brought us over dinner twice. It was nice to share with them and DELICIOUS!
We came back to Rexburg for the weekend because Sara and Emily ran in the Teton Dam Marathon Their husbands ran too so Kennedy,Ralph, Buster the dog, and I went a block from our house to cheer them on. This afternoon has been beautiful, even if windy and we have spent an enjoyable afternoon in the back yard. Even if nothing else works very well, my ears still do so I have enjoyed being on the porch swing listening to the activity.

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