Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Exercises For The Soul - Sacrifice

The greatest sacrifice ever made was that of our Savior, Jesus Christ, when he took upon himself our sins and laid down his life for us. Anciently people were commanded to worship the Lord by offering their choicest animals as a sacrifice, in similitude of the Savior's yet-future sacrifice. As part of his gospel, the Savior instituted a different sacrifice-the sacrifice of a broken heart and a contrite spirit, commemorated at the sacrament table. And in this dispensation, the Lord has added to the law of sacrifice and gospel law, revealing tthe law of consecration. When we receive the law of consecration, we covenant to give our time, our talents, and to offer ourselves-our hearts filled with gratitude, love and humility. (Family Home Evening Resource Book p. 219)

Discuss the following experiences: Experience 1, While getting ready for baseball practice, David overheard his mother on the phone trying to get a baby-sitter so she could visit her sick mother. After two neighborhood girls said they were busy, David volunteered to stay home from baseball practice and tend the baby. During the hours he was with his baby sister, he felt more love for her than he ever had before.
Ask: What made David happy?
Explain: When we make a sacrifice, there is not always happiness immediately. Sometimes we have to wait a period of time before we can feel the resultant happiness or just feel good we have done the right thing.

Personal Experience: At one time in my life I was feeling like I needed to look for more charitable experiences so I began to pray for opportunities to give charity. I felt impressed to call my mom and offer to stay with my great aunt for the day while she did whatever she would like. ( She had been responsible for the care of her aged mother-in-law and my great aunt for about two years). I thought she would want to spend the day shopping at the mall or some such recreational acticvity. When I offered, she said."Thank you. I was wondering how I was going to get to the temple." I was glad I had listened to the prompting.

Relate the following incident to your family: A whole family gave up a comfortable life in a fine city and spent approximately ten years travelling to a new continent where they prospered and found freedom to worship Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ.
Who were they? (The family of Lehi.)
What sacrifices did they make? (Gave up home, wealth and country.)
Why did they leave their home? (They followed the direction of Heavenly Father.)

Read Matthew 19:16-22.

Ask: What did Jesus require of the rich man in addition to following the commandments?
Why did the rich man leave in sorrow?

Assignment: Challenge family members to make at least one sacrifice for another member of the family, relative or close friend during the week. If desired, experiences can be recorded and shared at the next Family Home Evening.

Possible Hymns: Any of the Sacrament Hymns. "As I have Loved You", LDS Hymnal

Person of the Week: Josie Manwaring for organizing and putting on a fun carnival to help raise money for the girls in their ward to go to Girl's Camp.

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