Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Choosing The Roght - Exercises for the Soul

At our recent family reunion it was fun to see all the grandkids and how much they are growing up. I have been thinking since then, about my hopes and dreams for them. I am certain all their parents have many thoughts too.
In these next 10-20 years some choices will be made that will affect you for the rest of your eternal life. Up till now your parents have been an active part in most of your decisions but you will increasingly be on your own. This is a good thing because you will become independent but it is important to make right choices. Fortunately there are many places to help you.

Ask: List some good sources to turn to for help making choices. (Parents or other relatives who have good experience and your happiness in mind, scriptures, the prophet of the church and other church leaders, the Holy Ghost etc.) One of the greatest gifts God has given us is free agency but it comes with great responsibility.
Ask: Is a person morally clean who talks lustfully but doesn't do what he talks about? (Read 3 Nephi 12:27-20).
Ask: Is a person morally clean who consciously arouses unclean thoughts or desires in another?

Game: "What would you do if..." Make up realistic situations that your children, at their ages, might face. See if your children can think of graceful ways out of bad situations. Sometimes there will be no graceful way out.
Tell the story of Joseph and the wife of Potiphar (See Genesis 39:-13)
Explain that it is better look foolish or displease someone than to disobey one of God's commandments and lose out on blessings of staying morally clean.

Possible songs or hymns: "I Am a Child of God" Sing With Me B-76 or "Choose the Right" Hymns no. 110

Person of the Week: Reese Kern (I heard him make a right choice at the family reunioj even though he was the only one at the time.)

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