Friday, October 16, 2009

Boy Scout Doughnuts

In our family we call these Boy Scout Doughnuts because Ralph used to make them with his scout troop they are so easy. I found the very same doughnuts in the Better Homes and Garden Cookbook. There they are called "Jiffy Doughnuts". I have made them with my grandchildren, some who were preschool age. I rarely do anything with deep fat frying partly because I have known some people who have suffered life changing accidents with hot oil. Hot oil and childen don't mix! The nice thing about these doughnuts is that the children can help away from the hot oil while another adult fries the doughnuts.

l or more cans of refrigerator biscuit dough
hot oil ( It must be 2 or 3 in. deep in a heavy pan. The recipe book says 375 degrees but I rarely use a thermometer. I just pinch off a pea size piece of dough and place it in the oil. When it floats and fries like a doughut instead of dropping to the bottom, the oil is ready.)
Make a hole like a doughnut in the middle of the refrigerator biscuit with your clean finger. Fry in hot oil (the cookbook says 2 min. on each side but we found they only needed seconds on each side) until golden, turning only once. Remove from oil and drain on several layers of paper towel.
When cool enough to touch, glaze with powered sugar frosting. If desired doughnuts can also be decorated with sprinkles, coconut or cinnamon and sugar.
These douhnuts taste best when eaten imediately rather than the next day.

Doughnuts (which my mom made from scratch) and fireworks remind me of Halloween because that is how we celebaated when I was growing up in Canada.

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SKH said...

I love these! I am excited to make them with the girls, they will love them too. I never knew you did fireworks on Halloween in canada? the things you learn.... ;)