Thursday, October 1, 2009


This week Hailey and I made applesauce. I am not going to give a recipe for applesauce because you can buy a canning book or get pamphlets at the Extension service with step-by-step instructions.
The applesauce we made yesterday tuned out beautiful and all the jars sealed so that gave us a feeling of success. The only hitch was that I couldn't find my canner or canning supplies but luckily Hailey had borrowed some so we managed fine. Probably I gave them away when I gave away all my quart jars and can't remember.
One thing that makes a big difference to me is the variety of apple used. We couldn't find any canning apples around here so we bought some when we visited Treasure Valley last weekend. The lady at the fruit stand said apples are about 6 weeks late this year but we found some Jonathans and bought about 1/2 bushel. I have tasted applesauce, both commercial and home canned that tasted like cardboard. My favorite apples to use are Johnagold or a mixture of Johnathans and Golden Delicious. Red delicious, while good for fresh eating, do not make good applesauce. I don't care for Rome apples either for making applesauce. I have made pretty good applesauce out of Criterions, a new variety.
The nice thing about these Johnathan apples was that they had very red skins so when cooked with the skins on, and put through a "Foley Food Mill" or "Victorio Strainer" they make a pretty pink applesauce.
At supper last night we didn't want to open one of our precios new jars of applesauce so we made "quickie" applesauce" by peeling and cooking about 1 and 1/2 inch pieces of apple in a small amt. of water. (about 1/4 in. deep ) When cooked, mash the apples into a chunky applesauce. It was white because the apples were peeled and delicious when served warm. It is also good if refrigerated and eaten cold.

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