Monday, February 6, 2012

Exercises for the Soul - Joun Journal

In the last John Journal newsletter Uncle Hugo asked some questions and then mentioned several people by name to answer them. I was one of them. In the most recent edition of the John Journal I addressed them and I felt I needed to explain why I am a Mormon. This week, you can choose a variety of ways to use this as a springboard for your own family home evening, even if it is to have each family member write their own testimony.

Person of the week: Emily Manwaring - Recently her family and Chad and Emily's family visited us at the cabin. While we were there, Kennedy and a good friend had a disagreement. Kennedy could not be consoled. There were only the three of us in the cabin - Emily, Kennedy and grandma. (Blake and Josie had taken Jack to Rexburg to get his head stapled because he cut a big gash in it with a piece of metal.) Emily did wonderful things to try to help Kennedy and took care of her.

Last week Kristen and I made Porcupine meatballs. We heard lots of jokes about them being made out of porcupinne meat. (Actually their just made out of hamburger but are called Porcupine Meatballs because the rice in them sticks out like the quills on a porcupine. I think I have included this recipe before so I won't post it here. Call me if you need the recipe.-
This week we are making rolled sugar cookies for Valentine's Day. Any standard rolled sugar cookie recipe will work. You probably have your own favorites so I will not post this recipe either.

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