Sunday, January 3, 2010

Christmas Leftovers

We had a wonderful Christmas at the cabin! There was not as much snow as usual (about 16 inches) and it was very cold. (about -16 degrees) - so much so that Emily and Chad had frozen water pipes and got water from our cabin.
Each family made a wonderful contribution. The highlight for me was when Emily got out her violin, Sara her cello, Josie played the piano and Ashtyn sang Christmas songs. It felt just like "the olden days" when we used to practice for programs. It was familiar right down to somebody yelling at everyone to be quiet so they could count. For me, it was wonderful.
Each of the son-in-laws contributed a specialty to the Christmas menu. Blake made crab and prime rib. Chad made a deep fried turkey. And Jay made Barbecued Ribs. The best part was all the leftovers. We have been dining on them since. They are even better than at Christmas because we can have them singly for a meal without confusing the palate or being too full.
Each of the families got a little snowmobiling in including one day when Jay's brother and family came up from St.Anthony with an armload of more Christmas goodies. Sara and Jay and brother Jeff and Jenny went out and celebrated dual wedding anniversaries while grandma and grandpa (mostly grandpa) babysat kids. The kids went together and got us a new flat-screen TV for the cabin. It came in handy to keep kids occupied.
We got a call from Ben Christmas Day. I have the best family ever!

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