Monday, October 13, 2008

When our kid were little we looked ahead to their teenage years. We didn't want our teenagers spending Halloween as a night of vandalizing and other tricks. Even though Halloween is my least favorite holiday, we began a tradition of Halloween Parties at our house on Halloween night. Coming up with a creative invitation to relatives was always something I enjoyed. When Emily, my youngest daughter was born on October 26, one year I thought we were going to have to cancel the party but my mom offered to have a party at her house that year. We made a little round pumpkin with a bow on it to match Emily and the bow in her hair.

Everyone on both sides of the family supported the party, dressed up in costumes and brought a pumpkin and sharp knife for the pumpkin carving contest. Even Grandma and Grandpa Plant came one year dressed as Teddy Roosevelt and a WWI flying ace. Marilyn and Howard's family always came as clowns. One year Ben was popeye with muscles made with stuffed nylons. Josie had the perfect skinny legs for Olive Oyl and baby Emily was Sweet Pea wearing a long green nightgown that trailed behind her when she crawled. I think Sara, a toddler, was Miss America wearing a swimsuit and sash over her shoulder. We had lots of fun and made lots of memories. HAPPY HALLOWEEN everyone!

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