Friday, August 22, 2008

I just had a wonderful visit with my sister, Stephanie. She came to visit for a few days and did wonderful things like fix dinner and take me to my hair appointment. She also took me to the BYUI, Thomas E. Ricks Gardens where we enjoyed talking and looking at the many features. I always come away inspired by the beauty and variety of plants there. I think. "You CAN grow something beautiful and useful in Rexburg!" Most of the rest of the time we talked while she worked on a quilt for her first expected grandchild.
Stephanie walked to the BYUI bookstore and bought some music. there. I enjoyed listening to her play the piano while she tried the pieces out. Ralph does a great job of seeing to my physical needs but I enjoy my sister because she lifts my psyche as well.
She left a few hours ago to drive home to Caldwell, Idaho. I am looking forward to her next visit, possibly in September. She might convince another sister, Priscilla, to come with her.

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SKH said...

Sisters are so great! I am glad you taught me that! I know that your daughters are so close because you taught us to be! Thanks! love ya!