Sunday, July 20, 2008

More reunion plus pictures

We stayed up at the cabin after the reunion until this weekend. We are going back up tonight and Ralph says he is finding a corner to hide in so he can work on his " Homes of the Prophets " project. In the meantime he has helped his father who is recovering from stomach cancer, done some of his mother's projects, taken two horse rides with his brother, Paul, into the southwest corner of Yellowstone Park and visited with other members of his family. He also went to a car auction in Las Vegas with our son-in-law, Chad, and enjoyed it immensely. The biggest news is that he attended without buying a car. He said he was impressed at Chad's self-discipline not to get caught up in the emotion of car buying.
We got back some pictures of the reunion yesterday which brought many good memories of family at the reunion. Ralph says he will post some on my blog later today. The wildflowers have changed to millions of Sticky Geraniums and Lupine. We also have white daisies blooming now too. I hope everyone enjoys what little bit of summer is left


Oregon Coast Fan said...

Hi Connie!

Dana and I have been searching for you since you've left Nampa. We've missed you and think of you often! I love your blog and glad you have one! You haven't changed in your pictures, so I'm thinking the grandkids are keeping you young.

Feel free to email me at and we can catch up!

Your old friend,

snakeriverwalton said...

You guys almost wore Sara our too much for girls camp, but we wrung her out of all the energy she had left.Amy W. in SLC