Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Life Goes On

We have had a busy but good summer. Now it is September, the air is getting cooler and we are bracing for winter. It is supposed to snow in the mountains this weekend. I think we will watch the General Conference broadcast at the cabin this weekend and build a fire.
Last weekend we went to Treasure Valley. Emily and Kennedy stayed with us in a hotel in Meridian. We attended Bernell Norris' funeral, Ralph had meetings at BSU and we got to visit with Ben, Emily and family who attended and participated in the funeral as well. It was nice to see some old friends but we are both glad to be home again. Eastern Idaho is seeming more like home all the time.
Sara had a good idea. Each week I cook something with Hailey, a young married girl who lives in our basement and comes to help me four days a week. Its kind of a symbiotic arrangement. At least I hope she enjoys it. She does all the cooking. I just keep my usual spot on the couch and provide recipes and suggestions. Then we split whatever we have made. I feel like I can make a tiny contribution, new recipes and techniques for a new mom, and one night a week that Ralph doesn't have to make supper.
Sara's idea is to publish our weekly cooking fare each week on my BLOG. I think it is a good idea and about the only productive thing in my life right now. So I will start with my next BLOG.